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Consumer Health Information

A term to aggregate blog posts for JCHLA's Consumer Health Information column.


Consumer Health Information

Something new for everyone to check out! Alberta Health Services has launched it's new Consumer health page:

Consumer Health Information

Hello all!  A new era begins! I will attempt to do this blog from now on.  We are trying something new with JCHLA as well.  You will notice three different columnists for this year:  April's edition is written by Christine Morton from Ontario; August's will be written by me here in Alberta and November's will be authored by Anne Allgaier from BC.  A truly cross Canada perspective.  Let us know what you think.

Interactive maps showing Canadian literacy and health literacy levels: a sobering picture

What part of your district would benefit most from a literacy program? What’s the average health literacy level in the neighbourhoods surrounding your hospital? This kind of granular data on literacy and health literacy levels is now available at a glance, thanks to interactive online literacy maps created by the Canadian Council on Learning.

Making the link between climate change and health

It feels auspicious that my first day of blogging is happening on Blog Action Day, an annual event which unites the world's bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. Blog Action Day focuses attention on an issue of global importance, with the aim of sparking discussion and action. This year’s theme is climate change.

Now …..what does that have to do with health?

JCHLA consumer health information column: now in tasty bite-size blog format!

Hello and welcome. This new blog is our way of bringing JCHLA’s consumer health information column online, to a format that’s easier to discover and retrieve and to a space that’s more conducive to links and discussion. My plan is to pre-publish column content here on a regular basis and add some juicy extra content - event announcements, topical commentary, etc. - that won’t necessarily appear in JCHLA.

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