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NAHLA Leading Edge Session: Finding Health Statistics

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Corbett Hall computer lab (Rm 2-11), University of Alberta
free members; $5 non-members

Instructor: Liz Dennett (Scott Health Sciences Library and Institute of Health Economics)

Session Description: Finding health statistics can be challenging for many reasons.  This Leading Edge session will provide an introduction to health statistics and the key statistical producers you should know about. The instructor will demonstrate how to approach your searches for statistics and how to navigate the websites of Statcan, CIHI and other statistical resources.  Time will be allowed for hands on practice during the session. 

Instructor Bio: Liz has a joint position at the University of Alberta JW Scott Health Sciences Library and the Institute of Health Economics.  Finding Health Statistics is an important part of both jobs and led her and a colleague to create the Online Database of Health Statistics to help others find useful health stats.

Please RSVP online at: http://chla-absc.ca/nahla/ or by email to: genius@ualberta.ca

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