The Conference Committee has made a commitment to incorporate sustainability principles in planning and delivering the 2021 conference.

Our conference is important to us as meeting to exchange ideas and research enriches us and our patrons. However, online conferences still have an impact on our environment. The food we eat also has a significant impact due to the carbon impact of diets. We feel that it is important to recognize this, and to take steps to mitigate that impact. That's why we are recommending the purchase of carbon offsets. And, while we know there are concerns regarding the effectiveness of carbon offset, we also know that the right program can be effective in the climate crisis fight. We are recommending the purchase of an offset from an organization that lists projects that meet the standard of additionality, a crucial component for effective and meaningful carbon offsets. Gold Standard is just one such organization: if you don't see a project you are interested in, or you know of a different organization, consider making a donation there.

What to do:

  1. Go to the Gold Standards Projects site and select a project to support
  2. Buy one tonne of offsets
  3. Tell us about your purchase. Do you have another offset you want to use? Great! Tell us about that purchase too! #CHLAABSC21Sustainability

If carbon offsets don't work for you, consider other options to decrease your environmental impact:

  1. Leave the car at home and cycle, walk, or take public transportation if you are going to work while attending the conference. Record the number of kilometers traveled where you walked or cycled when you normally would have taken the car. Let’s see how many kilometers we can cover during the conference! Sign up.
  2. Try a vegetarian or vegan menu during the conference. One of the most direct impacts that you can have with regards to the climate crisis is switching to a vegan diet. Share your favourite vegan/vegetarian meals with other conference attendees.