Conference Workshops


These workshops will be in-depth, engaging sessions on a specific topic relevant to health libraries. We ask that the presenters place their workshop in the context of current or emerging practices, and link to the broader theme of the conference.

  • Please prepare for a 60-75 minute session
  • Each workshop must embody active learning principles
  • Please acknowledge any conflict(s) of interest at the beginning of your presentation.
  • Please arrive at your session 10 minutes in advance to meet your moderator and the other presenters.
  • A moderator will introduce you, manage attendee questions, and act as the timekeeper for the session. 
  • Your slides will be loaded onto the laptop before the conference. You must also bring a backup copy of your presentation on a USB memory stick.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Important deadlines will be provided to presenters in advance of the conference. Tasks and deadlines for presentation formats will be assigned in mid-March.


Please consider accessibility when developing and delivering your presentation for CHLA/ABSC 2023. Making your presentation accessible to all helps everyone. Consider the following suggestions to improve accessibility of your presentation:

  • Use an easy-to-read font and font size.

  • Ensure there is an appropriate level of contrast between your text and background, and avoid using colour alone to draw attention to specific elements.

  • Consider including closed captioning or a transcript (e.g. using for your presentation. This might also include alternative text for images and verbally describe important charts.

We recommend WebAIM and DLF as resources for improving presentation accessibility.

Land Acknowledgement & Positionality Statement

We encourage all our speakers to include an appropriate land acknowledgement and positionality statement in their presentation. Refer to the Canadian Association of University Teacher’s (CAUT), Guide to Acknowledging First Peoples & Traditional Territory, section on Nova Scotia.

Code of Conduct

CHLA/ABSC's Code of Conduct applies to all presenters and attendees.