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New articles on the role of librarians in systematic and scoping reviews

Natalie Clairoux Does the involvement of a librarian or information specialist on the systematic review team contribute to the quality of the review? This question was asked by Deborah Meert and John Costella (University of Western Ontario) and Nazi Torabi (McGill University) in their paper Impact of librarians on reporting of the literature searching component of pediatric systematic reviews (JMLA, October 2016). 
In the same issue, Martin Morris, Jill T. Boruff and Genevieve C. Gore (McGill University) provide an overview of the scoping review process and demonstrate how librarians can be involved in this growing area in their paper Scoping reviews: establishing the role of the librarian.
Congratulations to both teams for documenting the value that our profession can bring to knowledge syntheses!
N. Clairoux