Interested in Being a Mentor?

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Interested in Being a Mentor?

Ronald MacPherson

Greetings Gentlefolk,
Please consider being a mentor for participants in the CHLA/ABSC Leadership Institute. Being a mentor is one of the most rewarding contributions professionals can make for others, for the profession and for themselves. As a mentor you will learn and gain insights that will surprise you and keep you growing as a professional and a leader.
As a Leadership Institute mentor you will:
  • Provide your insights into the curriculum
  • Participate and learn in the face-to-face and virtual workshops
  • Share your professional experiences with participants
  • Listen, discuss and offer suggestions to participants
  • Provide feedback to mentees regarding their strengths and areas for development
  • Decide on the regularity, frequency, and method of contact with mentees
  • Introduce mentees to professional networks as appropriate, possibly referring them to others with specific experiences and knowledge which may benefit the mentee
  • Helps mentees explore career development opportunities
The benefits are many:
  • Opportunities to reflect upon and share knowledge and experiences
  • Contribute to the growth and learning of library professionals
  • Gain new perspectives and cutting-edge librarianship from new graduates
  • Practice problem-solving and powerful questions
  • Engage in deep discussions with people with a range of experiences, skills and contacts
What does it take to be a mentor?
  • Leadership experience in a health science environment library or information-intensive service function
  • CHLA/ABSC Member in good standing
  • Enjoyment in helping others learn
  • Strong respect for confidentiality
  • Curiosity about the perceptions, thinking and decisions of others
  • Good comfort level with your emotional ‘radar’, ability to listen carefully and respond with appropriate empathy
  • Practiced communication and interpersonal skills
  • Commitment to:
    • One year for the Institute, beginning with the residential intensive June 3-4, 2019 through to June 2020
    • Mentor three Institute participants  throughout the Institute year
    • Participate in:
    • two on-site Institute events (June 2-4, 2019 in Ottawa; 1 day to be determined in early June 2020 adjacent to the CHLA/ABSC Conference in Niagara Falls)
    • 2 virtual sessions between July 2019 – May 2020
More information is available in the attached flyer.  Please send your expression of interest to my attention at by March 8, 2019.
Tim Tripp, BSc, MLS
Director, Library & Information Services
University Health Network
200 Elizabeth Street, EN1-418
Toronto, ON  M5G 2C4
Phone: 416-340-3549