Past JCHLA/JABSC Student Paper Prize

2017: Lara Maestro & Daniel Chadwick
Canadian Medical Schools and Health Libraries’ Response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action: A Literature Review and Content Analysis.

2016: Tess Grynoch

2015: Shea Matthew Betts 
The Information Needs of School-based Speech–Language Pathologist Assistants: A Case Study

2014: Mary Corbett, Ariel Deardorff and Iris Kovar-Gough
Emerging roles for health librarians in electronic medical records (EMRs) and data management 

2013: Helen Halbert 
The state of clinical librarianship in Canada: a review of the literature, 1970-2013

2012: Eva Jurczyk 
Using a customized search engine to address low health literacy: A program description

2011: Sumanjit Manhas and Sandra Barron 
Electronic health record (EHR) projects in Canada: participation options for Canadian health librarians

2010: Susan Bradley 
Examination of the clinical queries and systematic review "hedges" in EMBASE and MEDLINE

2009: Allison McArthur 
Health Information professionals and the semantic web: a symbiotic relationship?