Representative to Cochrane Canada

Cochrane Canada is the Canadian arm of Cochrane – an independent global network of over 30,000 healthcare practitioners, researchers, patient advocates and others. Cochrane works to turn the evidence generated through research into useful information for making everyday decisions about health. Canada is one of 120 countries involved in this non-profit organization that promotes evidence-based decision-making in healthcare by producing high-quality systematic reviews that are free from commercial sponsorship. Cochrane Canada is one of 14 Cochrane Centres worldwide and was established in 1993. Cochrane Canada contributes to Cochrane by:

  • Acting as the central point of contact for the Collaboration within Canada;
  • Promoting awareness, access and use of its main product, Cochrane Reviews;
  • Developing relationships with relevant organizations in Canada;
  • Coordinating training activities across Canada on how to use and write Cochrane Reviews;
  • Supporting other Cochrane groups located in Canada.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for this position are available in the Governance Manual.

Current and Past Representatives

  • Douglas Salzwedel (2014- )
  • Charlotte Beck (2013-2014)
  • Jessie McGowan (2008-2013)