Annual Conference Grants

Objective. The purpose of the CHLA/ABSC Annual Conference Grant is to enhance access to professional development opportunities for individual CHLA/ABSC members, with preference to those who are early in their career or who lack support for in-person attendance to the upcoming annual conference.

Description.  The Annual Conference Grants cover the cost of upcoming CHLA/ABSC Conference registration for in-person attendance.  Five grants will be offered annually.  Conference Grants may be awarded in conjunction with the CHLA/ABSC Professional Development Grant.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2024

Review Process:  The CHLA/ABSC Board of Directors will review applications for the Annual Conference Grants and notify successful applicants.  

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicant must be a current CHLA/ABSC member.
  2. Applicant must not have received a CHLA/ABSC Professional Development Grant* or Annual Conference Grant in the previous five calendar years.
  3. A maximum of two individuals may apply under an institutional membership.

*unless the applicant will be presenting the results of work related to a previous CHLA/ABSC Professional Development Grant or Research Grant received in the past five years.

Note: Voting members of the CHLA/ABSC Board of Directors may not apply for this grant while serving their term on the Board.

Evaluation Criteria  

Special consideration will be given to applications from librarians or library technicians meeting any of the following criteria;

  1. works in rural and/or remote locations
  2. early in their career (students, <5 years experience)
  3. works in health institution libraries (e.g., hospital libraries)
  4. demonstrates a lack of available funding from other sources for the applicant to attend the CHLA/ABSC annual conference in person
  5. demonstrates a lack of relevant professional development activities in the applicant's geographic region
  6. anticipates presenting at the conference
  7. from individuals who are or have been active in the CHLA/ABSC association or chapters (e.g., acting on the executive of a CHLA/ABSC student interest group or local chapter or JCHLA editorial board; volunteering for conference planning, working groups, sub-committees, special interest groups, etc.) 

Procedure for Application

Please complete the application form and submit the application using the online submission form

Submissions are subject to peer review. To ensure a blinded review, do not include your name anywhere in the application form.